We took the colors from the nature and the designs from your imagination. Our design team develops new qualities for comfortable living spaces by following the contemporary trends. We are inspired by all types of art and the nature itself. Unique and fashionable products of us are the fruits of the implementation that we do during our designing process.

Yarn & Warping

Ekart Textile uses fancy yarns, which are the mixture of different type of yarns, in-house by thinking that uniqueness of a fabric is very much dependant on the uniquness of a yarn. We are also making our warping process in our facilities by using so many different types and colors of yarns which bring the innovative view to our fabrics.


EKART is continuously improving its weaving facilities on the grounds of the huge experience of the company. We are able to produce many different types of qualities thanks to our Dorniers with jacquards and armure looms.


We enrich our products with our latest technology finishing machines. Flame retardant, easy clean, anti-bacterial fabrics are in the portfolio of Ekart. We are also making finishing processes regarding to our customers' special requests. Further, Ekart provides special products which are convenient to use for contract businesses.


Quality means, consistency of a product. As Ekart family, we analyse the whole process of our production and our raw materials at the quality control points in the factory. We are continously working to reach to the best and to present the highest quality for our customers with the confidence of Ekart's long-time technical experience.
"Quality is not an act, it is a habit"